Choose Dog Breeders When Buying A Dog

Adding a new puppy to the family is a big ten to fifteen year commitment. Most people put a lot of research into deciding the type of dog best for them. Major points of consideration include appearance, allergy issues, coat, overall size, temperament, exercise requirements, health and expected longevity. People wanting to buy a new puppy have at least three basic choices. The first is to accept a pup from a dog shelter, family or friends. The second is to buy one from a non-dedicated retailer, in other words, a pet shop. The third is to buy from dedicated dog breeders.

Disreputable breeders are all about selling the puppies and bringing in the dough. Their activities put a question on the purity of the breed. Puppy lovers should carefully check the credentials of the breeders with whom they deal.

criaderos de perros en medellin By contrast, buying a dog from a breeder has several advantages. A pedigree dog is more predictable across a whole range of factors such as personality, dimensions, and fur quality. In other words, buying a pedigree pure bred puppy leaves less to chance. There are almost 200 separate dog breeds usually recognized by dog authorities making it likely there is a breed that meets the preferences of any prospective pup owner.

To be classified as a pedigree dog, the animal must meet several criteria such as having documented parentage, both parents must be of the same breed, that breed must be recognized by authorities, the breeder must be registered with authorities, the dog parents must also be registered with authorities, and the pup must have a pedigree line tracing back at least three generations.

Thus, to make sure you get the best, avoid those breeders who sell through newspapers. They are not registered breeders, had they been, the advertisements would have shown up in the publications of the canine club they are registered with.

Registration of dog breeders also requires sticking to a few parameters, so you get the top-of-the-line puppies without growing even a bit suspicious. Maybe they will cost a little more, but on the long run, it shall save a whole lot of future troubles by bringing forth by ill breeding standards.

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